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  • To Secure Object Entrances and Protected Room Entrances

  • Optional Two-leaf Version

  • Security Class IV

  • Ballistic Resistance FB3/BR3 to FB6/BR6

The BD safety door is designed to provide a high level of protection for you and your property, not only against breakage or unhinging but also against penetration. The door comes either with one or two leaves, with a solid or glazed panel. The door is designed both for building exteriors with resistance against atmospheric exposure and for installation in interiors with high requirements for their design. The resistance of the door is provided by the all-steel design, the foundation of which is made of a steel frame with two-side sheathed internal lattice work. Together with security fittings, certified mechanical or electronic locks and safety points protecting the door from unhinging , this highly resistant construction is suitable for use in banks as well as any other places where the protection of people and property is taken seriously, that is in buildings with special treatment (such as military and prison objects, diplomatic missions, data processing centres), in hospitals, family homes or rooms intended for personal protection and protection of valuables.

Heavy, all-steel construction – the door is formed by a steel frame with two-side sheathed internal lattice work.
Security key lock and security fittings; it is also possible to select a mechanical or electronic lock, including authorization by a fingerprint.

Static View

3D View


Trezor Security Door pohled 1 Trezor Security Door pohled 2 Trezor Security Door pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model Sec. Class Solid / Glazed External Dimensions (mm) Weight
H W D kg
BD 4 4 solid 2000 800 80 150
BD 4 S 4 glazed 2000 800 80 170