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  • Cash Register System with Time Delay

  • Simple Manipulation by the Attendant

  • Revolving Drum Distributes Cash into 20 Trays

  • Adjustable Time Delay for Cash Disbursement

  • Designed for Operations with High Risk of Assault

The automatic Roller Cash system is a safe facility designed for the protection and management of banknotes. It can be used in banks and post offices, at petrol stations as well as amusement arcades where it can significantly contribute to the limitation of damages during a robbery. The banknotes are inserted and dispensed automatically (the facility slowly turns a drum with twenty trays holding cash) or manually where the attendant chooses a particular tray by entering a corresponding code. Thanks to this arrangement, the cashier always has a small amount available while the rest of the money remains safely stored inside the system.

Automatically lockable slot for inserting and dispensing banknote from the revolving drum with 20 trays for cash.

Static View


Trezor ROLLER CASH pohled 1 Trezor ROLLER CASH pohled 2 Trezor ROLLER CASH pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model External Dimensions (mm) Equipment Weight
H W D kg
995 540 320 450 Revolving drum. 80
995 BN 680 320 450 Revolving drum, cash tray. 90
995 CMTL 680 490 450 Revolving drum, cash tray, drop safe. 130