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  • Designed for Bank Safes and Safe Rooms

  • Variability of Box Dimensions and Versions

  • Boxes Integrated in a Safe or Free-standing

Bank vault safe deposit boxes are designed for storing valuables and important documents of the bank’s individual clients in bank vaults, or in free-standing safes. Safe deposit boxes can be also used at hotel receptions for storing documents and valuables belongings of the hotel guests. Each deposit box can only be opened by two keys: the client has one and the attendant has the other. That ensures that the box cannot be opened during the client’s absence.

The dimensions of the individual safe deposit boxes can be tailored to your needs but the most common height of a box is 50, 75, 100, 150 and 300 mm. The dimensions of the boxes are based on the size of removable briefcases the boxes can be equipped with. The front side of the box is standardly made of stainless steel, which is most suitable for bank operations from both the functional and aesthetic aspects. It is also possible to provide a different finish upon request.

Each cabinet with bank vault safe deposit boxes is ready to be connected to another one and thus create a wall that will fill the area in the vault. The dimensions of the cabinets are variable; the dimension of 2000 x 319 x 467 mm (HxWxD) is used most frequently (to store A3 format). The side walls of the cabinets can be decorated according to your wishes.

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Special locks; two keys are required to open each box – one key (unique) belongs to the client and one to the attendant; thus, confidentiality is provided.

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