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  • Trezorové dveře řady TDPK můžete použít k zabezpečenému vstupu do komorového trezoru, tajné místnosti nebo skladu zbraní.
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  • Security Class I, II, III, IV

  • Tailor-made Construction, Optional Double-leaf Version

  • Heavy High-grade Steel Construction

TThe TDPK safe door is subject to the most rigorous resistance certification and meets the legal terms and conditions for storing guns and ammunition. Therefore, it can be used to secure the entrance into a chamber safe, a secret room or a gun storage room. Would you like to change the dimensions, method of locking or colour? We will adjust the door to your specific requirements.

The TDPK door is designed with a compact three-layer wall with the thickness of 55 to 95 mm (in relation to the security class) that is formed by a highly resistant material and reinforced with armouring. The locking mechanism is covered by hardened sheets resistant to drilling and the bolt mechanism of the safe door is protected by a safety catch bolt that arrests the extensible pins in case of assault and thus prevents forced entry.

To control the door, you can choose from a safe key lock or a mechanical combination lock, or an electronic lock. To achieve the highest protection possible, the door may be connected to an electronic protection system of the object so you can stay informed of any manipulation with the door even when you are away. The area behind the TDPK door stays perfectly protected.

Armoured bolt mechanism and safety catch bolt – protection of the door against forced entry.
Mechanical combination lock; you can also select a safe key lock (standard version) or an electronic lock, also with opening on both sides.

Static View


Trezor TDPK pohled 1 Trezor TDPK pohled 2 Trezor TDPK pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model Sec. Class External Dimensions (mm) Weight
H W D kg
TDPK 1 I 1970 800 150 300
TDPK 2 II 1970 800 150 300
TDPK 3 III 1970 800 350 1250
TDPK 4 IV 1970 800 350 1300

We will adjust the dimensions of the door according to your requirements.