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  • Trezor SAPPHIRE Gun
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  • A Unique and Luxurious Glass Construction

  • Guns Are Protected and Visible at All Times

  • Security Class I

Superior luxurious safes that are as unique as their owner. The glass construction allows you to see your guns or other valuables at all times while enjoying the feeling of security that the safe provides. It is the only safe on the market that has been tested in Security Class I in compliance with CSN EN 1143-1 and has a glass door and glass walls. And that together with the layout of the illuminated interior for storing the required number of guns according to the client§s needs and other individual adjustments makes this safe a unique detail of your study or living room.

The variable interior may be adjusted to the relevant number of guns or other valuables.
Gilded mechanical combination lock (the colour of the surface of the lock may be adjusted to the colour combination of the safe); the safe may be also controlled by a safe key lock (standard version) or an electronic lock.
The glazed part of the door is made by a multi-layered sandwich construction from highly resistant glass in combination with PVB film.

Static View

3D View


Trezor SAPPHIRE Gun pohled 1 Trezor SAPPHIRE Gun pohled 2 Trezor SAPPHIRE Gun pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model Sec. Class External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Number of guns Weight
H W D H W D ks kg
SG 3 I 1800 800 450 1680 680 330 10 440

Depth: + 50mm for fittings