Fire Resistant Safes for PC Data

Trezor PARIS

  • Fire Resistant Safes for PC Data
  • Trezor PARIS
  • Ohnivzdorné trezory PARIS jsou testovány a certifikovány podle celoevropsky platné normy
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Fire Resistance
  • Fire Resistance Test - 120 Minutes, Drop Test

  • S120DIS (Braunschweig-test)

  • Security Class S2

  • Protection from Humidity and Magnetization

  • Security Slam Action Closure

Data carriers are extremely sensitive to heat that may damage them and thus cause a loss of valuable information. This can happen at the temperature of 55°C. Regular safes and metal cases are not able to provide such data protection. If you would like to safely archive your data and protect them from destruction by fire, humidity and magnetization, the Paris fire-resistant safe is the only option for you.

The Paris fire-resistant safes are tested and certified in compliance with EN 1047-1 that applies in the entire European Union. Data carriers stored in these safes can resist the temperature of 1100°C without any harm for unbelievable 120 minutes. That is a complete protection against high temperatures. If you decide to purchase the certified Paris safe, your data will be perfectly protected.

The entire interior equipment is completely flexible. You can order drawers together with the interior dividers that allow optimization of the shelves for CDs, optical discs and other types of media. The variability of the interior thus provides a perfect view of what carriers are stored in the safe.

The three-wall body and the door are filled with a fire resistant concrete mix that together with the door seal and other insulation material maximally protects the contents of the safe from high temperatures and fire gases.
Safe key lock; it is also possible to select an electronic lock.
The immediate “Slam Action” closure locks the safe immediately when the door is closed.
The interior of the safe is variable; it may be adjusted to the required number and types of PC data carriers and documents.

Static View


Trezor PARIS pohled 1 Trezor PARIS pohled 2 Trezor PARIS pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Capacity Weight
H W D H W D l kg
D 22 916 746 718 570 490 400 115 315
D 23 1196 746 718 850 490 400 171 395
D 24 1476 746 718 1130 490 400 227 495
D 25 1946 746 718 1575 490 400 316 650
D 35 1946 1036 770 1575 780 460 577 865

Depth: + 60mm for fittings