Fire Resistant Safes for PC Data

Trezor Burg Safe-DIS

  • Fire Resistant Safes for PC Data
  • Trezor Burg Safe-DIS
  • Burg Safe-DIS jsou ohnivzdorné trezory pro počítačové nosiče dat.
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Fire Resistance
  • Fire Resistance Test - 120 Minutes, Drop Test

  • S120DIS (Braunschweig-test)

  • Security Class II

  • Heavy Construction, Fully Concreted by Fire-resistant Concrete

  • High Protection

The Burg-Safe-DIS safes provide the highest level of protection of your valuable data from fire, humidity, fire gases, magnetization and thieves. You will not find such a level of protection in any other safes. If your data are truly irreplaceable, you will not find a better method of protection. The heavy construction and the strictest attests of the Burg-Safe-DIS safes will let you sleep peacefully.

The three-wall body and the door are filled with a fire resistant concrete mix that together with the door seal and other insulation material maximally protects the contents of the safe from high temperatures and fire gases.
It is possible to select from a safe key lock, a mechanical combination lock or an electronic lock.
The interior of the safe is variable; it may be adjusted to the required number and types of PC data carriers and documents.
Armoured bolt mechanism and safety catch bolt – protection of the door against forced entry.

Static View


Trezor Burg Safe-DIS pohled 1 Trezor Burg Safe-DIS pohled 2 Trezor Burg Safe-DIS pohled 3

Technical Parameters

Model External Dimensions (mm) Internal Dimensions (mm) Capacity Weight
H W D H W D l kg
DIS 440 S 730 786 918 332 446 478 70 320
DIS 441 S 1050 786 918 652 446 478 138 460
DIS 442 S 1293 786 918 895 446 478 190 543
DIS 444 S 1850 786 918 1450 446 478 309 785
DIS 446 S 1850 1193 918 1450 855 478 590 1150

Depth: + 85mm for fittings